Day 1:  Golden Gate National Recreation Area – Ben Lomond, CA     85 miles

Douglas Mura - earns the Thanks of the Day
Fresh hospitality and  kind hearted self! “Can I get a Stay!”

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
golden gate foggy goodness
la playa ocean side ride
skyline road journey thru Palo Alto
old la honda’s challenging climb in Woodside
crushing the route 9 decent into Ben Lomond.  Wind was flowing thru my locks
dinner with friends, Matthew Mosher and Jason Crabtree.  Yeah, it was good for sure

Awesome People
Brian for sharing local knowledge & his melanoma story.  That was my fuel for the Day!
Ralph for his Old La Honda hazing


Day 2:  Ben Lomond, CA – Carmel, CA     65 miles

Jeannine Bray - earns the Thanks of the Day
Bed to crash on with an accompanying fish tank ….. thanks to Pika.  Can’t forget those fun and functionals!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
Cafe 9′s chicken pesto for breakfast
clipless pedal learning adventure, yes two humorous falls in Santa Cruz
running into Noah randomly
3 mile run thru Watsonville Strawberry field aromas
electronic echoes from Carmel’s rooftop bar
ocean side waves crashing near camp

Awesome people
Alladain Nursery in Watsonville, the apricots were super delish
Gloria and her quality wifi freedoms
James for his smartphone consulting, we don’t have a smartphone :) & at times it’s :(
Jason and Matthew for great dinner.  ”Matthew, Jason ate a taco at the Mexican spot instead of a beer!”


Day 3:  Carmel, CA – San Simeon, CA     90 miles

Naked Soul – earns the Thanks of the Day
Their funky flavor at the Big Sur Jade Music Festival was oh so fine (San Francisco up and coming band)

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
PD Bird’s epic tale
riding that amazing route 1 thru Big Sur
coastal views and misty skies
Big Sur Jade Music Festival
Naked Soul making the crowd get it!
yelping elephant seals near San Simeon

Awesome people
All those fellow dancing people at the the festival
PD Bird for pointing us in the direction of Jade Cove (everybody check out pdbird.com)
Taco Stand for Zak’s burrito hook-up


Day 4:  San Simeon, CA – Lost Hills, CA     100 miles

Kern County Public Works Department – earns the Thanks of the Day
Freshly paved, large shoulder, free of debris made for an excellent last 30 miles of the Day – they must be cyclists. Stellar showing peoples!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
Pacific Dip at Shamel Community Park in Cambria
Cambria Halloween Scarecrow showing was creatively genius
route 46 headwinds were nuts like Lost Hills
two 1700 foot climbs
electronic beats resonating on 46
ice cream vending machine at Shandon Roadside Rest Area
trucks smelling like tasty beers, I think I was having hallucination cravings
camping the nut groves of Lost Hills

Awesome people
Peter for the 46 words of encouragement
Doug and his wife for the Thru the Ages talk in Paso Robles
Harold for offering us a stay at his abode in Bakersfield


Day 5:  Lost Hills, CA – Tehachapi, CA     100 miles

Bill Brennan, Bob Wood, & Catie Gouailhardou – earn the Thanks of the Day
For their supportive text messages on the road this week

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
Toro Loco morning treats in Lost Hills
agricultural fields outside of Bakersfield
awesome time purchasing smartphone at AT&T, “and Yes, I gave in”
giant bike lane down Eddison Hwy….2 cars in 20 miles
route 58 trespassing skills of Mr. Keene
visiting the town named for Zak….Keene, CA
climb before the town of Tehachapi

Awesome people
Karmjit @ K&K Mart for his stealthy insider ways around Bakersfield
Michelle for an entertaining hour at the AT&T store, “I should have bought that power supply”
Robert @ Subway for the cyclist info on showers (check out this site – Warmshowers.org)


Day 6:  Tehachapi, CA – Newberry Springs, CA     115 miles

Terry (aka the Breakfast Warrior) – earns the Thanks of the Day
For treating Zak & I to breakfast @ Kelley’s Cafe in Tehachapi

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
hearty meal @ Kelley’s to get that day a rolling
cruising past all the relic planes in Mojave
finding the home of Borax in Boron
Amigos mega supreme burrito in Barstow
gorgeous sunset while cruising down the historic 66

Awesome people
Farmer Paul for his clever ways @ Kelley’s
Mike @ FASTRIP in Mojave for chatting
Ibrahim @ K in Boron for being Chill
Allen @ Amigos in Barstow for the heads up on Local Town crash spots


Day 7:  Newberry Springs, CA – Fenner, CA     99 miles

Jim @ Roy’s Cafe – earns the Thanks of the Day
For a genuine conversation in Amboy about traveling the country, honey, & his 35 year old US Speaker

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
pothole dodging down the 66 after Newberry
climbing the barbed wire fence to get to route 40
getting kicked off the 40 by CHP
poaching OK Tours Wifi for the Blog
chilling @ Roy’s Cafe (the only option for a 69 mile stretch)
tarantula sightings on the 66
the last push into the Najah’s Desert Oasis
Don’s bicycle tales

Awesome people
Anthony & Teresa (father/daughter duo) in Ludlow for their good chat & cruising a Harley across the States
Sue @ Najah’s Desert Oasis in Fenner for the killer food
Jeff with Active Towing and his road advice from the Oasis


Day 8:  Fenner, CA – Kingman, AZ     90 miles

Shawn Brumbaugh & Dawn Rosenthal – earn the Thanks of the Day
for your generosity and support, Thank you :)

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
riding alongside the trains of Cali
crossing the Colorado River and into the Grand Canyon State
gorgeous mountain scape rolling into Oatman
Oatman’s Jack-ass galore
shot and beer with the Duo
ascending Sitgreaves Pass
feasting at Calico’s in Kingman
shower, what’s that amazing invention at the Motel 6

Awesome people
Anthony & Teresa (father/daughter duo) for future ventures
Debbie @ Calico’s for sharing her stories of travel
All the peeps delivering thumbs up when climbing Sitgreaves Pass


Day 9:  Kingman, AZ – Williams, AZ     115 miles

Herman Corradetti – earns the Thanks of the Day
for always being an amazing person and your generosity, thanks Herman!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
climbing out of Kingman
fixing the freewheel funk
antique car on historic 66 in Seligman
gorgeous sunset near Seligman
chilly temps rolling into Williams
hotel room electric short = no power @ the Budget Inn
amazing sleep

Awesome people
Keith Ray in Ash Fork for his view on marriage
VW beetle driver who gave a shout out
Pizza Factory party people in Williams


Day 10:  Williams, AZ – Holbrook, AZ     125 miles

Kyle from SINGLE TRACK – earns the Thanks of the Day
for sharing bike knowledge on lube, tightening my hoods, giving us epic route advice, & just being chill. “Kyle, the route 40 shoulder was in prime shape” Nice!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
waking at the Budget Inn in Williams
cruising past the Arizona Divide
Flagstaff, what a sweet spot!
chill demeanor at the Single Track
new Lube and fresh hoods
bombing route 40 for 84 miles after the Flag
Safeway shopping with my new cart
night peoples

Awesome people
Chris Sanders @ the Conoco in Williams for her encouragement
‘Pinecone’ Pete with Flagstaff Country for throwing us on the radio
Kyle for opening up his shop when he is normally closed on Sundays


Day 11:  Holbrook, AZ – Gallup, NM     100 miles

Daughter & Sue – earn the Thanks of the Day
for offering words of motivation at the Indian Ruins shop in Sanders. These ladies were on their way to Austin and cheered us on and later pulled over on the side of the highway ahead of Zak handing him a $20 bill and wishing the best. These ladies endangered their lives to feed us, stellar work Daughter & Sue :)

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
early morning super soaker battles
napping in the laundromat in Holbrook
cruising a 55 mile stretch to Indian Ruins, Inc in Sanders
red burrito with a chipwich, delish
hoppers making their moves on the interstate shoulder
entering New Mexico to a killer scene
rolling next to the Gallup Express on 66

Awesome people
Steve for his words of encouragement at the laundromat in Holbrook.
Jason & Tomas for pointing us in the right direction to Gallup.
Cody ‘Yellow Horse’ for cooking up an amazing lunch.
Daughter & Sue for looking out for us hungry travelers


Day 12:  Gallup, NM – Albuquerque, NM     120 miles

Mentor Mark – earns the Thanks of the Day
for taking the time to chat up an amateur. Mark was a professor who had summers off and has been touring all over the world for the past 20 years. Still going strong in his humble ways….check out his journals, he is MJB on CrazyGuyonaBike (www.crazyguyonabike.com)

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
rolling over early morning to see the landscape @ Red Rock State Park
eyeballing the Continental Divide
chatting with mentor Mark on his way to Alameda
sunset over San Fidel
being pulled over by Officer Panteah from the Laguna Police and sharing touring stories
glaring at what appeared to be Disney at the end of the day
DQ pumpkin pie Blizzard near the hotel
sleeping out behind dirt piles at the Route 66 Casino Hotel

Awesome people
Mark for his expertise in the field of Touring
Mike for his thoughts and well wishes at MacDonald’s in Gallup
Val Panteah Jr with Laguna Police for his understanding and swagger
Lew for recommendations on go-to’s in Albuquerque


Day 13:  Albuquerque, NM – Moriarty, NM     60 miles

the Crew @ Two Wheel Drive – earns the Thanks of the Day
for being a collective of solid peoples. These boys made us feel at home and pretty awesome! And that Rascal, I can’t say enough good things about his customer service skills. If you are ever in Albuquerque you should stop in to see these fellas.

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
healthy conversation with Zak next to ‘Outlaw pusher James’
the company of the Two Wheel Drive crew
falafel and coconut lunch @ Annapurna’s in Albuquerque
bidding a safe Zak farewell on his B-line to the family
round 2 for bike shops in Albuquerque
a glimpse of PA overhead (I’ll see you in 2,700-ish)
I Smell Good, indeed!
horizon over Albuquerque
NM skies
birds signing in harmony with classical music @ McDonalds

Awesome people
Two Wheel Drive Crew:
- Brian the ‘Easy Goer’ for his open arms welcome
- Charles the ‘Bossman’ for his bad-ass demeanor
- Mark the ‘Historian’ for his knowledge base
- Rusty the ‘New Kid in Town’ for being the man
- Rascal the ‘Dog’ for doing his thing
Erica & Matt @ the Bike Coop in Albuquerque for delivering pumpage and tuber advice


Day 14:  Moriarty, NM – Newkirk, NM     115 miles

two teenagers @ Allsup’s in Santa Rosa – earn the Thanks of the Day
for telling me I should definitely check out the Blue Hole.

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
biggest snickers Ever
meeting a top triathlon contender
snacks @ the Clines Corners
still clouds over Santa Rosa
Santa Rosa Lake State Park
chillin’ @ Allsup’s with those lil’ homey’s
biking to the Blue hole
diving in that 81 feet of goodness
meeting Mike and David
crashing at the rest stop near Newkirk

Awesome people
Blake, Shannon, & Violet for cheering me on and heading to Austin for a half IRONMAN triathlon
Mike @ the Blue Hole for snapping photos and pointing me in a solid direction
David Hamby @ the Blue Hole for smiling and embracing a newbie to the Blue


Day 15:  Newkirk, NM – Vega, TX     115 miles

Jim headed to Albuquerque – earns the Thanks of the Day
for his generosity in Tucumcari and buying me a sandwich (I went with a chicken fajita burrito). Much appreciated!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
morning sprinkles & yes I said sprinkles NOT sprinklers!
first precipitation of the journey, crazy!
all the NM shout outs from passing cars
crossing the roads/wash areas
found me some goatheads
Tucumcari hardware clampage
good-bye Land of Enchantment, Hello Lone Star
hopping poles left on the highway shoulder
the welcoming locals in Adrian
Christine passing me on the way to Vega
learning frontage/service roads lingo

Awesome people
Jim for his burrito hookup in Tucumcari
Christine for being hospitable @ midway 66 in Adrian & for not running me over on the service road :)
NM peoples for all their encouraging honkers


Day 16:  Vega, TX – Clarendon, TX     95 miles

William Rainey from Amarillo Ranch – earns the Thanks of the Day
for being great company @ the Amarillo Ranch and sharing the story about his wife. She had stage 4 melanoma and has been cancer free for over 5 years now :) Check out William’s freelance photography @ www.fstoppage.com. Right here is great people!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
sparrows swooping and scooping
Amarillo Ranch photo shoots
Starbucks reggae funk beats adding to the atmosphere
Big Texan signs everywhere for that 72 oz steak in Amarillo
good-bye route 66, it’s been real!
can I get a what what to 287 (a new road)
Claude and the close one
God’s country in Clarendon

Awesome people
Jerod in the Vega Subway for retrieving a wifi password
William for sharing the story of his wife and being great company @ the Ranch
Tish, daughter, and friends for showing interest @ Amarillo Starbucks


Day 17:  Clarendon, TX – Chillicothe, TX     100 miles

Bob Merchant in Clarendon – earns the Thanks of the Day
for sharing his family history of owning and living on the same farm for over 100 years. He chatted about his parents riding horses to school near Lelia Lake and how he cleared the cotton fields starting as a 9 or 10 year old. Good man looking out for others, I like it!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
funny Jesus TAPOUT when leaving Clarendon
cotton fields and cotton balls floating about
cotton stuck to my sidewalls….look like tassels
sighting the picturesque Cotton Casa
Prairie Dog Red River bed near Childress
what? near Childress
symphony of singing birds must be headed this way
thinking of thanking Crabtree for that tail light
chatting with the Rents
company of the folks in Quanah
conversation on ‘Sir’ @ Subway with Ciara
chatting with Amy May late night

Awesome people
Bob Merchant for sharing, caring, and looking out for the Cause
Luis for being the Man in Quanah, TX and grabbing my snacks. Have a great time with your family and friends on Thursday!
Rusty for sending props my way……Enjoy them tasty treats Rusty!


Day 18:  Chillicothe, TX – Henrietta, TX     95 miles

Doc Holiday from Conroe – earns the Thanks of the Day
I met Doc soon after waking from a night on the Jungle Gym. He inquired about the journey and provided funds for an entire day’s feed. That stellar man gave me half of what was in his wallet, awesome!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
waking in the jungle gym
prisoner in shackles using the restroom with an officer by his side
football talk is everywhere (parents, kids, family, the works)
pink vomit in the Mickey D’s
open air big country
raptors in flight
seeing Principal Rusty in Iowa Park for the second day in a row
faceTime with Amy and B$
chopped brisket with Patsy at Texas Best
Flying J’s laundry and shower services

Awesome people
Doc Holiday from Conroe, TX looking out for a days worth of meals
James the truck driver wishing luck near Chillicothe
Rusty round 2 – principal I saw last night in the town of Quanah
Patsy from Texas Best Meats for being a sweetheart


Day 19:  Henrietta, TX – Dallas, TX     120 miles

Stas Valldes – earns the Thanks of the Day
for his Astonishing charity toward the Cause. This is a man with extended knowledge in philosophy, theatre, and literary classics. His knowledge, yet vast indeed, doesn’t compare to his selflessness. Thank you kind Sir!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
bungee cords and thinking of pops
roadside Amarillo
almost sleeping behind the wheel
ranches all over these parts
got me some good Texan honking
lush green grasses along the 287
Texan tile work
scorpion sighting
beer and soda mecca bath/coolers in New Fairview
nighttime riding the desolate 407
moody night skies over Fort Worth

Awesome people
Alan in Bellevue for sharing cattle raising expertise and for recommending the 407
Old man in Bellevue cracking jokes about Cajun cooking down I-20
CK from Top S Mart in New Fairview for enlightening me about giant beer baths


Day 20:  Dallas, TX – Dallas, TX     Family day of miles

Corey from Performance Bicycle – earns the Thanks of the Day
for sending me off with waterproof directions to my family’s abode, a freshly tweaked bike, & a superb vibe. Thanks Corey, you’re the man! Tell Spencer, what up!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
I’m going to Keep these to Myself :)
(PS – check out the pics)

Awesome people
Corey for leading me to the Family
Spencer from Performance Bicycle in Farmers Branch for hooking it up

The Family:
Aunt Mary-Ann for AW shiz, American Airlines, pyramids, & a fresh computer screen
Uncle Jack for trains, planes, stills, & childhood electrical work
Mary-Lou for family reunion chat, chef master work, & being a melanoma warrior
Denis for IT adventures, FL fishing, & being the baby of the tight fam
Denis Jr for theatre chat, face decor, & a crazy mane
Sean for lacrosse showings & epic tooth pick podiums
Cassidy for pupping around


Day 21:  Dallas, TX – Mineola, TX     90 miles

Mary-Lou McElrone Alexander – earns the Thanks of the Day
for being an excellent host. Mary-Lou got the jacuzzi ready, gave me a comfy bed, cooked me an amazing meal, and sent me on my way with treats galore! Can’t say enough about the mid-adventure family visit :)

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
waking in a comfy bed indoors
good morning hello’s from Aunt Mary-Ann & Mary-Lou
life cereal and oatmeal with Uncle Jack
saying farewell to Dallas and the family
crossing bridges over Lakes Ray Hubbard & Tawakoni
lunch Lake Ray Hubbard side
rolling thru Quinlan & Mineola and seeing all the people amped for Halloween
mellow riding in rural Texas
chigger knowledge, ‘keep them away’
Amy May’s guidance thru the night

Awesome people
Denis, Denis Jr, & Sean for a an awesome visit. Later fellas!!!
Mary-Lou, Aunt Mary-Ann, & Uncle Jack for making me feel very much at home that morning
George from J & J Pit Stop in Royse City for going out of his way to see if I needed help with a flat


Day 22:  Mineola, TX – Greenwood, LA     93 miles

Aunt Beatrice – earns the Thanks of the Day
for your never ending support of my life’s journey. You’re the best!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
sleeping 40 feet from the rail road tracks
waking to chain saw rumblings and having it sound soothing
beautiful deciduous and pine in NE Texas
gorgeous properties
the huge nail deflater
all them donut shops in TX
taxidermy shop directly next to veterinary practice
Bayou swamps are making an impression
pro wrestling event updates
water slides onto the highway
alligator maps of the US

Awesome people
Calvin ‘Doodle’ for showing me the way in Waskom
Henry for looking after my bike at the Waskom, TX information center


Day 23:  Greenwood, LA – Choudrant, LA     95 miles

Sister Moe & Sister Sharon – earn the Thanks of the Day
for giving me that family vibe when cruising the countryside! Thank you so, for the supportive texts and tagging along with journey

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
Hercules Hercules in Shreveport
reeks of personality
Caution Church
“What till you see our King Kong Triple Wide”
relaxing in Minden
Church’s Chicken
Fred’s at Grambling
car crazy alien encounters
Louisiana Tech Papa J’s
stadium sleeping contemplation
the glide down McDonald avenue
rest stop naps

Awesome people
Weekend Touring duo rolling from LA to TX
Minden where locals holler off words of support
Papa J’s pizza magic when traffic was beefy


Day 24:  Choudrant, LA – Delta, LA     100 miles

Mary Sue & Michael – earn the Thanks of the Day
for a great talk at the rest area near Delta. This mother son duo was cruising on an all night ride to Crockett, TX. Safe journeys and hopefully you run into some Satsuma along the way!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
Cannon’s Grocery in Rayville
boiled peanuts
boudin was AMAZING
tasty seedless satsuma
catfish frenzy
Cypress swamps
muddy bottom brown
gators flopping in the H2O
pleasure of deciphering Creole
absence of light to the Delta

Awesome people
Tom Watson for the satsuma, boudin, and boiled peanuts talk
Cannon’s Grocery girl for serving up that delicious boudin
Mary-Sue and Michael at the Delta Visitor Center for an awesome conversation


Day 25:  Delta, LA – Flowood, MS     65 miles

Theodore – earns the Thanks of the Day
eyes on Vegas my friend! This morning started on a real conversation with an upstanding Theodore. Thanks for sharing and ya best tell Lee he better hold his own now!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
come on Lee
good ole’ 80 into Clinton
30 minute railroad crossing contemplation
hopping over trains with Georgia in my cheering section
pumping to get to Bike Rack before closing
2 bonus tires from the crew @ Bike Rack in Flowood
music bringing me alive
Schlotzsky’s Albuquerque Turkey on dark rye & cookies of course
Amy chats
dérailleur blues

Awesome people
Theodore in Delta for chatting up his mother’s bout with cancer and keeping it real
JT for his local knowledge at the Vicksburg Welcome Center
Georgia at the railroad crossing in Jackson for a friendly chat
Ranessia in Jackson for cheering me on in her fine hunter wear
Andrew, Mark, and Rex from the Bike Rack in Flowood
Donavon for his Iron Man ways
Wes for looking out for my health and the Cause


Day 26:  Flowood, MS – Hattiesburg, MS     107 miles

Kim Jurgens from Flowood – earns the Thanks of the Day
for chatting up a fellow cyclist and when finding out I was getting some work done on my bike he, unknowingly to me, went to the Bike Rack and pre-paid the bill on my derailleur fixings. Much appreciated Mr. Jurgens!!!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
waking in what looked like Skid Row, once lit
Primos Cafe breakfast & phenomenal fudge brownies
derailleur fixings compliments of Kim
the road to Puckett
chatting with attorney Mike in Collins
route 49′s shoulder scamper
flying over the handle bars day
nesting by the Roost at University of Southern Mississippi

Awesome people
Kim Jurgens with the Jackson Metro Cyclists for looking out for my derailleur and sharing his stories
The Three Stooges (Andrew, Mark, & Rex) for their help at the Bike Rack day 2
Michael G. Prestia from Gulfport for sharing his lawful knowledge of the Deep South
Samantha at the Hattiesburg McDonalds for letting me cruise on in the drive thru on my bicycle ….. all for a yummy strawberry banana smoothie!


Day 27:  Hattiesburg, MS – Mobile, AL     103 miles

Sam Turner from Lucedale – earns the Thanks of the Day
for leaving an impression and inspiring me to wander into the fine art of wood work.

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
waking at the Roost and dressing by a dumpster, haha
rumbling my way out of MS
never say cyclists and 98 together in MS
the Fred’s Peterbilt ultra-max experience
junk yard doggies running rampant
Goobers, Yes Goobers
FaceTime with Sharon, Makayla, and Paityn
muscles and meat
downtown Mobile warnings
downpour in the late evening
D’s grocery shed bed sleeping

Awesome people
Willy James Edward Carter from Beaumont for a solid conversation on life’s importances
Fred for showing off his ‘Peterbilt ultra-max’ in Beaumont
Sam Turner with Coastal Country Designs (decorative graphics & woodcraft) for sharing his artistic travels & stories


Day 28:  Mobile, AL – Pensacola, FL     85 miles

Richard & Jordan Smith – earn the Thanks of the Day
for being the Number One couple, bad-ass motha’s, and good friends. Definitely much appreciate you sacrificing Keno funds to support the Cause.

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
D’s country store closet unearthing
USS Alabama Battleship spot
Old Shell Road houses
crazy beautiful trees in Mobile
AL roads were awesomely bike friendly, even the 98
Mobile Bay towns on eastern shore line
Pelican feeding and diving
Florida winds
Rolling past Flora-Bama lounge & package Late Night
Amy mays guidance to the lagoon
sleeping at the Big Lagoon State Park

Awesome people
Mallery from D’s Country Store in Mobile for looking out
Carol from the USS Alabama Memorial Site in Mobile for encouraging the scenic 98
Big Lagoon entry peeps for turning a cheek :)


Day 29:  Pensacola, FL – Laurel Hill, FL     116 miles

Bill Glass & Keith Misegades – earn the Thanks of the Day
for pleasant wanderings with cycling. These fellas have been rolling with their two wheels for quite sometime and are still going. I definitely hope the future has me spinning down the road with the same swagger as these fellas. True enjoyment was the round-house vibe. Safe travels gentlemen!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
warm shower at the Lagoon
snacking waterside at the Yacht Club
frisk down at Naval Air Station in Pensacola
wraps and shakes with urban Pensacola
crossing over the Intracoastal Waterway
Gulf splash with C3
butterflies cruising the dunes
beauty of the pelicans
calming Pensacola waves ….. think I’m meant to live at the beach
running into the well-versed Bill & Keith, cool guys!
Amy’s jabber on the way to General $’s backyard

Awesome people
Tucker at pensecola urban eats for his Colorado ways
Rick at Wally World in gulf breeze for good chatter
Bill Glass with crazyguyonabike and his wife Smatter for awe inspiring ways
Keith Misegades with crazyguyonabike for rolling in style


Day 30:  Laurel Hill, FL – Troy, AL     93 miles

Joel & Nancy Weekley – earn the Thanks of the Day
for taking me into their home, introducing me to their family, cooking me breakfast, and everything else imaginable! These folks are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to open handed people. It was a pleasant treat and I truly enjoyed your company, many thanks over again!!!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
AM drop off behind the General
homeless man at the Dollar General in Laurel Hill (that was me)
breakfast with the Weekley’s was epic
the Hobo photo shoot
rolling past the tall spot in Florida at 345 feet
gator talk at Florala Wetland Park
homemade ice cream at Doc’s near Opp
Mrs Gobbler and Mr Pumpkin round bails
peanut butter cake
Troy’s weekend shade parade
cemetery row for a nightcap

Awesome people
Joel Weekley and Ava at Dollar General for getting a hobo excited for the day
Nancy Weekley for cooking a delicious home cooked meal
Haylee, Cliff, and Earl for great company at the Weekley’s
Sharon for her desert skills at Doc’s in Opp
Ashley for great company at Doc’s Country Store


Day 31:  Troy, AL – West Point, GA     115 miles

Katie Brown – earns the Thanks of the Day
for splendid generosity towards the Cause. It’s refreshing seeing so many people join together to further the awareness and education for melanoma. Thanks Katie for an awesome offering!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
Reverend awakening in the cemetery
6 dog chases in 7 miles
digging shady Union Springs
Tuskegee National Forest
Auburn’s beautiful campus
creeping on back country roads
last night solo was a doozy
Cusseta Craze

Awesome people
Reverend for not calling the local sheriff
BAMA honk fest participants for rooting me along
Cusseta craze for keeping it all tame my way


Day 32:  West Point, GA – Decatur, GA     100 miles

Brian ‘Bernardo’ Kavanagh – earns the Thanks of the Day
for being a grand friend and having me at his Decatur abode. Got a chance to spend some time with an exceptional person and check out a new city. Thanks Bernardo!!!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
should have stayed here last night …… cheap West Point rooms indeed
Newnan Redneck Gourmet eats were scrumptious
best cookies ever from the Rednecks
shower and a clean chamois
company of a good old friend
Bogs bunny for the first time
Gina’s comic promise to herself
illustrator VS animator & illustrator WITH animator
resting with familiarity is rather nice

Awesome people
Ryan Brooks from Beck Janitorial in Newnan for shouting praise
Bernardo for being a solid friend and housing this nomad
Gina for showing me the ways of Decatur and sporting amazing hair
Jamilia for barking around


Day 33:  Decatur, GA – Athens, GA     73 miles

Brother Brendan – earns the Thanks of the Day
for sending an epic surprise my way! Brendan wandered down from Annapolis to lend support and join for the rest of the bicycle journey north. It’s going to be glorious having my bud cruising along. The wind is now at my back and the sky’s the limit ….. Let’s get at it Brother!!!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
waking on a good friends comfy couch in Decatur
Dancing Goats epic Surprise in Decatur
panniers cut in half, thanks Brother!
bike path zigzag frolic
whirl winds topping at 25
Stone Mountain lasting impression
safety hookup at GA Cycle Sport
Athens Walkers Coffee and Pub IPA’s
IPA slam & on to the HoJo

Awesome people
Ashley at Dancing Goats in Decatur for awesome conversation
Santa at Stone Mountain for his amazing smile
Sacramento at Georgia’s Cycle Sport for keeping the shop open an extra few


Day 34:  Athens, GA – Due West, SC     76 miles

The Due West Police Department – earns the Thanks of the Day
for looking after a couple weary travelers. These gentlemen not only allowed us to crash in the parking lot of the police department but they also randomly swung by to ensure the safety of we and our bicycles. Captain Joe Marchbanks & Chief Maxwell most certainly deserve a round of applause!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
Pappy’s rule of thumb of tucking in the shirt
University of GA campus and stadium
moped’s bombing the campus life
images of Fantasy World
train ticket to the stars
gravel alley on Blue Hole road
Savannah River’s aquatic beauty
Sanders Ferry drop zone or outside ….. I choose outside
trotting along with the sociable white lab
Watson Mill Bridge stop off
onto the Wild Turkey state
Po-pos looking out in Due West

Awesome people
Iva old man crew for delivering a friendly shout out
Torie and Erica from the Subway in Due West for encouraging us to hang out
Captain Joe Marchbanks from the Due West Police Dept for allowing us to crash in the parking Lot


Day 35:  Due West, SC – Kings Mountain, NC     115 miles

Eli & Paityn – earn the Thanks of the Day
no, not the NFL quarterbacks ….. much better, my nephew and niece for sending words to motivate for the day and beyond!!! Go Uncle Brian & A Good Luck Pumpkin Pie!!! I do believe I’m set until I arrive at my parents front door come Pennsylvania :)
- Awesome Sisters, thanks

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
cinnamon pop tarts and pb combo
Christmas music morning already
dry in the enclosure of Impreza
chilly willy Brendan almost froze
Lake Radon’s early morning dazzle
rows of lodge poles
vultures in flight
B$ getup of warmth
cross keys crew holding down the Local shops
4 chili dogs, 2 bags of peanut M&M’s, 2 peanut butter snickers…..& we call that a snack
last 8 and a half into Kings Mountain with brother
vegetarian chili meal
full scale tune up

Awesome people
Chief Maxwell from the Due West Police Department for trying to get us a room at the local college
SteveO and the crew from Cross Keys for representing
Hot Dog lady Dela in Cross Keys for amazing chili doggin’s
gentleman offering to lend a hand at Highway 55 in SC


Day 36:  Kings Mountain, NC – Winston-Salem, NC     105 miles

James at Wake Forest – earns the Thanks of the Day
for being an astonishing human being. James shared stories, looked after our gear, and provided play by play for turkey frying! Thanks James and you best believe my mother is going to hear about the tastiness of a fried gobbler.

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
mega breakfast at Kings Mt Quality
construction crossings near the King
dairy cows as I know them
Lake Norman bridge crossing and its tightness
Motorplex racing temptation
I live in Cooleemee, sweet town name
Cooleemee and its awesomely creepy houses
Was that a bear?
Racing the rain into Wake
Turkey talk with James
Kayla’s service at Red Hot & Blue

Awesome people
Kim and Glen at Denver Mart for bringing excellent support to the table
Brett at GoPro Motorplex in Mooresville, NC for appreciated awareness with the Cause
Kayla at Red Hot & Blue for her excitement ….. get that AT!
James from BB&T field parking in Winston-Salem. Give me that fried turkey!
Preston from the 601 intersection for interest in the ride


Day 37:  Winston-Salem, NC – South Boston, VA     105 miles

Stephanie Gordon – earns the Thanks of the Day
for a generous hello from Montana. Stephanie, say hello to my Sister Meghan out at the Fish. Hope all is well and tell Madison to have an excellent season carving the slopes!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
smurf splash
hard and soft granola bars
incoming Nascar bumper dodge
clydesdale sighting
run on the 58/360
Wally World home of air pumps
potential of the city of Danville
Tastykake world
old man Cutlass Supreme
belch from South Boston’s finest

Awesome people
Wake Forest security for allowing us to doze on campus
clydesdale crew for spouting a holler
Danville residents for granting us a passer by :)


Day 38:  South Boston, VA – Charlottesville, VA     120 miles

Sister Michele & Erica – earn the Thanks of the Day
for comforting vocals along the way. Michele and E have been shouting words of support when I’ve been pedal, pedal, and pedaling along! I look forward to spending time with the fam clan over the holidays!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
Wally World consult
lofty leaves floating about
corn and cows ….. looks and smells of the Mid Atlantic
Hoosier sighting
signs of old
roadside team ups with brother
day of rest is all about
caterpillar crossing
turkey vulture tree house
snakes and skies
hot water trickle

Awesome people
Wally World for being cool with us crashing in the lot
Steve for offering a roof over our heads for the evening
Douglas for a roar of motivation heading to Charlottesville


Day 39:  Charlottesville, VA – Clifton, VA     98 miles

Sister Barbara – earns the Thanks of the Day
for being a wonderful Sister and an awesome hostess. Bubchubs made a delicious meal, whipped up a yummy cake, and gave Shae a solid birthday showing. Good Luck keeping that man child in check! Loves and see you all soon.

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
never forget that you are LOVED
gorgeous day in the lovers state
bombing past traffic on route 29
Bull Run’s civil battle grounds
beating Brendan via bicycle
chatting with Zoey on the front stoop
meeting nephew Ian
couch jumping with Nathan
balloon Shae Butters birthday wishes
chilling with Bubs
Robert’s beer and stogies

Awesome people
Plumber Bob’s for activating that toasty water supply
Bill Jordan from Madison for offering roadside help and resupply

Bubchub’s Family:
Zoey for her new cheering ways & clever self
Nathan for “you forgot the ice” & the Ian bucket battle
Shae Butters for “don’t pet the baby, she’s not a dog” & the balloon bonanza
Ian for his drama mama actions & the noodle toss
Robert for his man child ways & “snitches get stitches cause …..”
Barbara for being the ultimate mom of five & a great hostess


Day 40:  Clifton, VA – Annapolis, MD     68 miles

Sister Meggs, Lightning Lucas, & the J-Man – earn the Thanks of the Day
for watching from above on Big Mountain as we conquered the last leg of the trip. Thanks Meggs and Lightning, hope the J-Man heaves plenty of pow pow your way this winter. NOMA SON ….. holler, holler!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
see you later Bub’s
shout out from Sister Meggs, Lightning, & the J-Man
Custis trail into DC
DC’s impressive bike trails
Lincoln Memorial
the National Mall in Washington DC
eyeballing Moe’s paparazzi skills
Moe’s t-shirt and Rocky soundtrack
sunset over Annapolis
bridge to B’s Spa Creek
pink christmas tree compliments of Doug
sea pappy heaven at Boatyard Bar & Grill
dubbed lean lobes

Awesome people
Sister Moe for the paparazzi surprise and Balboa bebop when rolling into Annapolis
The Janvrin’s for applauding lean lobes and smileys
Patricia Irene James for great company at the Boatyard Bar & Grill


Day 41:  Annapolis, MD – Rehoboth Beach, DE     90 miles

Rich with Delaware Surf Fishing – earns the Thanks of the Day
for taking time out to meet up with Brendan and I to chat about the Cause. Rich’s presence at Arena’s was a pleasure, we learned about the site he holds true. He was kind enough to give the Cause excellent press on his website. You want to know about happenings at Delaware Beaches? Look no further, DSF is where it’s at! Thanks again Rich.

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
morning Moe Joe
sailing the Chesapeake
Surly & nomadic team up
watching the captain at work
“look out for them crab pots”
send off at Hemingway’s
the Cross Island Trail
marketing for Breeding
woodside porcelain goddess
DE skies
first sign of the DE beaches
taking a peek at the Atlantic off Rehoboth Avenue
Arena’s 1/2 price sandwiches
warming up for the early morning swim

Awesome people
Sister Moe for being the ultimate first mate and sailing nomadic across the Chesapeake
Rich with Delaware Surf Fishing for taking time out to talk with Brendan and I about the journey
Arena’s Deli for still delivering the 1/2 price sandwich night
Kayla for putting us in contact with Mr. Rich and DSF


Day 42:  Rehoboth Beach, DE – Concordville, PA     120 miles

Jon & Joe from the Coast Press – earn the Thanks of the Day
for juggling the past few days to make filming the Atlantic plunge happen. These two were willing to meet up even with the give-or-take a day realty of riding a bicycle cross country. Thanks fellas!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
Coast-2-Coast finale
Cape Henlopen State Park’s Atlantic plunge
watchtower bunker haven at Fort Miles
glance the American Discovery Trail with B
predators in flight
pumpernickel pizza at Surf Bagel
Delaware state trooper on route 1
4000 mile mark in the books
Delaware Memorial Bridge under lights
night glow at Hoopes Reservoir
ride thru Owls Nest Road mansion row
Concordville stretch with B
pronto passing out fully clothed
posh sleeping quarters

Awesome people
Jon Bleiweis with the Delaware Coast Press for a well written article and making it happen
Joe Lamberti with the Delaware Coast Press for hanging out and snagging stellar photography
Delaware state trooper for overlooking my route 1 travels
Sister Moe for hooking up the comfy pillows


Day 43:  Concordville, PA – Easton, PA     88 miles

The Family – earns the Thanks of the Day
for the holler and honk up Apples Drive. Brendan and I had a cheering section motivating us in the final stretch. Big wheels, scooters, mountain bikes, baby trailers, horn honking, belly mending, and a pregnant sibling were just a fraction of the squad. Thanks and loves to all you guys!

Memories locked in the Dome Piece
omelette chef’s sweet cap
don’t dream, do!
Pat’s King of Steaks first run in with B
Philly’s 5th street canter
Jenkintown row
Broad Street to Easton Avenue
611 home stretch
bridge riding attempt to PBurg
touchdown in Pburg
B$’s plummets
Riverview Park
bike paths last hill
Apples family cheering squad
honking Mammy
belly holding Pappy
Miles for Melanoma signage
family galore

Awesome people
Family atop of Apples:
Brother Brendan for his support and inspiration
Sister Laura for biking the last bit smiling, prego, and neon
Aaron for his welcoming videography
Eli for his trailing cheers
Sister Michele for her motivating yells heard from afar
Hannah for happily scooting along
Jillian for her big wheel adventures
Sister Moe for her smiles and encouragement
Stas for his Almighty ways
Buddy for barking about
Brother James for his witty sarcasm
Aunt Bea for praising the final run
Mammy for honks heard around the world
Pappy for the supportive belly yells