Home Sweet Easton Home

Philly skyDay 43:  The final day!!!  After a comfy night of sleep, we enjoyed our final free feast.  Apparently they saved the best one for last, omelette chef and all.  Appetite curbed and ready for the sporadic rain, I began my final 88 mile trek home to Easton.

Heading east on Baltimore Pike I stopped for a solid picture of the Philly skyline (right).  Approaching downtown I had one goal, stop at Pat’s for a delicious cheesesteak.  I did just that (below).  Whiz wit-out for me, whiz wit for B!
PatsShooting for a pre-sunset arrival home, I promptly finished meal number two of the morning and made my way towards Broad Street.  Somehow I ended up on 5th heading through north Philly.  I couldn’t tell whether that was some special whiz or my adrenaline kicked in but I found a burst of energy at the right time!

Several miles later I found my way back to 611 and began my final push.  I met up with B just south of Riegelsville along the Delaware River canal.  As we followed the river into downtown I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!  With New Jersey less than 600 feet away, I couldn’t resist adding another state to the list.  Turning onto the Northampton Street Free Bridge (below) we were quickly stopped by a stealthy attendant.  Not only did we have to travel across on the sidewalk, we also had to dismount.  For those of you unfamiliar with the bridge, the walkway is all metal.  Shoe clips and slippery metal are a bad combination.  Let’s just say it would be amusing seeing the bridge camera footage!




HelmetsWith my 16th and final state in the books, it was time for a beer.  We stopped at a local bar in the square for a delicious chocolate milk stout (right).

After a brief photo shoot around the Easton candle and the home of Crayola’s palette of pastels, we began the short ride home.  Enjoying the ride half way up our final hill, the sounds of cheering began radiating through my body!  CrewIt was an indescribable feeling.  Continued family support has been my emotional fuel throughout the journey and this capped it all off.  Big Wheels, scooters, trailers, and mountain bikes were dusted off and used by the fam to join me in the final stretch home.  Here is a pic of the crazy crew (left).

We rounded the final corner to more cheering and horn honking!  Hugs, laughs, and amazing times with the ones I love ensued!

Oh how good it feels to be home!

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  1. Amy /

    Hurrah! What an amazing journey!

  2. Maureen /

    What an amazing accomplishment brother! So proud of you both!

  3. sue@najahs oasisi /

    You guys are incredible! Happy you made it home safe.

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