Atlantic Plunge and Mile 4000!

CHSPDay 42:  Emerging from the room for a quick breakfast, we were pleasantly surprised with the morning temperature.  After dreams of an arctic swim with not so cozy polar bears, I was preparing for a brutal plunge in the Atlantic.  The warmer than expected weather gave me hope of post plunge extremity functionality!

With a full stomach, I began my 6 mile trek to Cape Henlopen State Park (left), my former outdoor sanctuary while a resident of DE.  Press fellasReminiscing about the great times spent in this paradise, I slowly made my way to Herring Point for the plunge!  B and the fellas from the Delaware Coast Press were patiently awaiting my arrival.  I had the pleasure of sharing my journey with Jon and Joe (right) from the Press as they documented the plunge.  Thanks again to these guys for a great writeup and their enthusiasm towards the Cause.  For those interested, here are the links to the article and video.

ADTAfter a refreshing dip, B and I made our way to the source of inspiration for the cross country journey, the American Discovery Trail.  Several years ago I came across this sign (left) and an idea was born.  It was amazing to be standing here after making that idea a reality!

Before our 120 mile trek to Concordville, PA, we stopped at another favorite spot, Surf Bagel (below).  If you are ever in the Lewes area, add this gem to your schedule.  A must stop for any bagel loving, chill environment needing, genuine human interaction wanting individual!
Surf Bagel
Feeling fresh and ready for my last border crossing, I continued my journey north.  Thanks to the Delaware State trooper who politely kicked me off Route 1 without creating a scene.  Heading north on Route 13, the rest of the day included the 4000 mile marker, lighted views of the Delaware Memorial bridge (below), reservoir relaxation, mansion row strolling, and PA’s version of Route 1.

Our day promptly ended in comfort at the local Best Western.  Thanks to the front desk folks for looking the other way as we strolled through the marble clad lobby with our gear, stinky and tired.  Thanks to Sister Moe for setting us up with posh sleeping quarters on our last night.

Del Mem Bridge

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