nomadic tour

Day 41:  We woke up to another brisk morning in the 20′s.  I am one day of riding away from the Atlantic but have one large predicament on my hands…..the large body of water between us!  Realizing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge does not allow cyclists to cross I had one of several options.

Nomadic Surly

  1. Hitch a ride across the bridge….no chance
  2. Ride up and around the northern part of the bay, add 100 miles to the trip and another day of riding….no thanks
  3. Strap Surly to a couple pontoons as a makeshift paddle boat, take 19 hours to get across, and likely drift miles south
  4. Have B drive my bike across the bridge, I swim, get hypothermia, call the Coast Guard, finish my day at the hospital
  5. Secure Surly to the deck of nomadic, hop on board, and sail across with B and sister Moe

CrewTake a guess which option I chose (above)!  Throughout the trip I have encountered some stiff headwinds so the solid 25 knot breeze crossing the bay was not out of the ordinary.  The three foot waves soaking us as they crashed over the bow were!  Why were we up on deck getting soaked you ask?  Moe and I were on crab pot watch.  Apparently getting caught up in one of these can turn into an unexpected swim for one of the crew!  With 3 on board, the odds of taking a dip were too high for my liking.  DE signI will take the occasional wave spray over a bay swim on this morning.  No need for a premature dip!  Safely across we took a picture of the crew (above).  Thanks Moe for your solid first mate work and being part of the Cause!

After a few minutes of swaying back and forth as if I was still on the boat, I continued my 90 mile journey to Rehoboth Beach, DE.  Although a chilly ride, the eastern shore flat-lands made for some smooth sailing.  Entering my 14th state (right), I cruised along agriculture fields and through small towns.  Miles of open fields lent themselves to beautiful “skyscapes”.  Take a look (below).
DE sky

Cruising into Rehoboth, memories of good times from two years of residence flooded my dome.  We decided to stop at a favorite spot, Arena’s, for some delicious half price buffalo chicken goodness and a great conversation with Rich from (DSF).  It is great to meet people who are dedicated to helping their community and others.  Rich was kind enough to take time from his busy schedule to chat with us and spread the word about the Cause.  Looking for information about the happenings at Delaware beaches?  Look no further than DSF!  Great guy, great site, great vibe.  Thanks again Rich, it was a pleasure!

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