Spa Creek on the Chesapeake

AbeDay 40:  Bidding farewell to the Thayer’s, I began my 68 mile trek to Brendan’s floating abode on the Chesapeake in Annapolis, MD.  Along the way I made a stop in Washington, D.C. for a stroll on the National Mall.  The first stop was a visit with Abe (left).  I attempted to put Surly on Abe’s lap but the monument guards were having none of that!  After convincing the authorities that a ride in the back of a cruiser was not an option after 40 days of purely bike transport, they decided to send me on my way.

Reflecting pool

Peacefully making my exit I made a stop at the Reflecting Pool.  After some fun with my editing software this is what I came up with (right).  The Washington monument scaffolding wasn’t overly flattering!  Giving off an inviting and refreshing vibe, I decided to clean my stinky feet in the pool.  Apparently that was no-no number two of the day.  Scuba diving museum guards emerged from the depths of the pool to scold me.  Don’t let the shallow view fool you, that pool is deep!

Not wanting to press my luck with the guards at this place (below) I took some pictures from afar and continued on my way.
White houseSpa Creek sunsetAfter a fine history lesson it was time to cruise towards Annapolis.  I met up with B for the final leg heading into town.  A brief run in with paparazzi (Sister Moe) blasting the Rocky soundtrack and a migraine inducing stereogram t-shirt gave me a boost of energy!  Racing against the clock, we made it to the Spa Creek bridge for a gorgeous sunset (left).  I look forward to more of these in the future!

The evening concluded with an introduction to ‘nomadic’, a pink Christmas tree, lean lobes, and some beers with friends.  Time for some dreams of sailing adventures.

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