Bubchub Family Extravaganza

LovedDay 39:  Fortunately for us, hotel management held to their word and we were able to take warm showers this morning.  You know it was time for a cleanse when you can see the dirt in the soap suds on the shower floor!  Clean and comfortable we put on our feasting bibs and made our way to breakfast.  Although we questioned it last night, the Charlottesville Quality Inn cares and they have the decor to prove it (right).  We showed our love for the free breakfast by tasting one of everything….twice!!!

Today’s trip took us 98 miles northeast to Clifton for another family visit!  Along the way we enjoyed some fine VA landscape.  B got a pic of Surly and I posing in front of the Appalachians (below).
App viewsMuch of the day consisted of bombing down Route 29 in attempt to arrive in Clifton before dark.  A few brief stops for lunch and pictures but otherwise it was all business.  Nearing the final destination, I was able to get a good angle of a local quarry (below).  Rolling past stopped traffic on 29 this beast popped out of nowhere!


Who wins in a race…..a 148 horsepower hatchback or a cross-country cyclist?  Seems like a simple answer right?  Well apparently it depends on where and when!  On this traffic ridden afternoon the human powered vehicle prevailed.  As I pulled up to the house my niece asked, “Where is Uncle Brendan?”  Expecting him to have already arrived I just smiled and told her I beat him on my bike!  TermitesThe reality of northeast urban driving left me looking like a superhuman cyclist.  She couldn’t believe it (above)!  B finally showed up and good times ensued.

After lots of couch jumping, delicious meal eating, noodle throwing, baby doll petting, balloon bonanza-ing, birthday cake gobbling, and genuine family fun….it was time for some sleep.  Thanks again to the Thayer’s for their amazing hospitality and much needed family fuel!  B and I had a blast, can’t wait for more good times over the holidays!

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