Tastykake Takedown

BB&T relievedDay 37:  We woke up to a wet morning in the BB&T Field parking lot.  A small amount of condensation on the bikes but overall the tarp did the job.  Fortunately for us, the portable facilities used for tailgating festivities were left unlocked!  B got a shot of me after a relieving pit stop (left).  A peanut butter banana wrap and some sugary sweets (surprise!) later, I began my 105 mile border crossing trek to South Boston, VA.

Along the way I had a close encounter with the wannabe Nascar kind!  Heading northeast on a two lane road, I looked up from my state of zen to a double wide situation.  Just ahead there was not one but two cars heading my way in a no passing zone.  At the last second I quickly pulled to the outside of the shoulder just as the speed racers flew by.  He was so close I could smell his nasty morning breath.  Closest call of the trip!

I finally figured out what the long log sign was referring to (below).  Still a bit confused about why the sign was at the entrance of a public restroom but that is for another day.

After a steep climb on the outskirts of Danville, we came across a Tastykake Discount Store!  This was a must stop.  LogsAfter half an hour of contemplation, we both decided to take advantage of the double discount rack.  For every $5 spent you could select 1 item from the free rack.  Here is a tally of the damage….1 box Butterscotch Krimpets, 1 box Kandy Kakes, 1 box Peanut Butter Wafers, 1 box Swirly Cupkakes, 1 box of Koffee Kakes, some peanut butter crackers, and a not so fresh pumpkin pie!  Enough to last the rest of the trip right?  Not so much….they didn’t last 72 hours!  From time of opening the pumpkin pie lasted approximately 18 minutes.  B was so excited about the discount deliciousness he couldn’t compose himself (below)!

Sign shaker

Just past discount corner we came upon an automated sign shaker (left).  Apparently it was too difficult to find someone willing to fling a sign around for 10 hours a day.

Continuing on to South Boston, I stopped for some pics of colorful landscapes and old relics.  After riding into the dark we setup shop for the evening in a Walmart parking lot.  We decided Applebee’s would be a good location for some eats and blog work.  That decision was briefly questioned as one of the area’s finest residents released a loud belch and moan while making her way out of the restaurant.  Welcome to Applebee’s, here is what my dinner smelled like!

GlobetrottersWe came upon this gem mounted on the wall just above our booth (right).  Can anyone explain the globes?  I doubt they used practice time to study their geography!

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