Farm houseDay 38:  Anyone remember the horror comedy series from 1986, Critters?  Small farm town, hungry flesh eating hairballs from another land….ring any bells?  I began to have flashbacks during my morning ride (left).  Luckily there was no need for makeshift Molotov cocktails to ward off little balls of fury!

Today’s journey took us a solid 120 miles to Charlottesville.  The day was full of beautiful VA landscape and critters out for their last stroll before the cold weather.  Let us start with some colorful shots of this autumn day (below).
VA colors
VA round bails
VA travel
VA Farm

VA crossingSomewhere along the way the critters began to emerge, increasing in size and numbers as I rolled along.  First off was this lone ranger (right).  Quite a brave little guy, venturing out to the middle of the road.  Extreme sports enthusiast or just lost?  Not sure but hopefully he lived to see another day!  A little humor to spice up your day…what did the earthworm say to the caterpillar?  Who did you have to brown nose to get that fur coat!

Next up on the 2013 Southern VA Wildlife Bike Tour was this slithering serpent (below).  I would approximate 3-4 feet in length.  VA SnakeI attempted to lay next to him for picture perspective but he was not happy about that!  What do you do if you find a venomous snake in your toilet?  Wait until he is finished!

Continuing on, my next sighting was of a large venue of turkey vultures perched high above their prey (below).  They looked like Ashley Furniture sales associates waiting for their next “customer”.   In this case to get tagged by a car!  A vulture boards an airplane carrying 2 dead raccoons.  The stewardess looks at him and says, “I’m sorry, sir.  Only one carrion per passenger.”
VA vulture houseMy animal excursion came to an end with a cow herd sighting.  Apparently I was more interested in the sky, they seem to have avoided the camera (below).  A male fly and female fly are feeding on a cow patty when the male fly passes gas.  The female fly says, “Do you mind, I’m eating!”

We ended the day in Charlottesville at a local hotel.  Apparently daylight savings is worth 2 hours of clock time around here!
VA skyPlanning to turn the hot water off for maintenance at 10pm, B and I waited until 9 for showers.  You see where this one is going!  Looks like we have to wait until morning.  They will have to use extra detergent on our sheets!


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