Demon Deacon Fried Turkey

ConstructionDay 36:  A break from the cold mornings!  We emerged from the room to an overcast sky and a temperature in the upper 30′s.  In attempt to get our money’s worth, we strolled to the lobby for another continental feast!  The HoJo employees must have warned the area hotels about the free breakfast “feasters” coming their way.  Let’s just say the lovely ladies at the Quality Inn were on top of everyone’s consumption. Construction2

Today’s trek took me 105 miles northeast to the home of the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, Winston-Salem.  Just a few miles into the trip I came across some bridge construction.  Here was the view as I approached (right top).  Didn’t look like much was going on so I continued.  Turning the corner I came upon this maze (right bottom).  Needless to say the workers were very confused as I made my way across!

Stopping for a routine snack break, I met some enthusiastic supporters at a corner store in Denver.  Two boxes of Oatmeal Cream Pies and a box of Nutty Bars later, I made my way towards Lake Norman.  The colors of fall made for some sweet pictures around the lake (below).
Foliage Lake Norman

Lake Norman foliage 2
Lake Norman foliage 3

Kart rentalsAfter a burrito stop on the east side of the lake, we came across the GoPro Motorplex.  Looking empty from the road we decided to take a quick lap!  Unfortunately our plan was squashed when we noticed a kart zoom around the track.  These little guys get up to 55 mph on the back stretch with up to 22 on the track at once (left)!  Brett was quite convincing in his attempt to get us out there but we had to continue on.

Creepy houseAlong the way I passed some creepy abodes in the town of Cooleemee (below).  Does this look familiar to any horror movie enthusiasts out there?  Quick picture and I was on my way, just glad I passed through during the day!

Attempting to beat the rain we cruised into Winston-Salem and setup shop in the parking lot of the Demon Deacons football stadium.  We were fortunate enough to meet the parking lot gate guardian, James.  After a great conversation about family and travel, James taught us about the joy of a deep fried turkey.  Two primary things we learned…1) do NOT cover the turkey in honey, unless of course you like leathery gobbler and 2) do NOT drop a frozen turkey in boiling oil!  Enjoy that fried goodness James!

After a tasty meal at Red Hot & Blue, we locked the bikes to the car, covered them with a tarp, and hunkered down for the evening out of the rain.

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