Wild Turkey Wanderings

FantasyDay 34:  It was a warm 27 degrees when we emerged for a delicious continental breakfast HoJo style.  In attempts to instantly fatten ourselves for this early winter freeze, we began our feast.  After all said and done here is a tally of the damage…11 Leggo my Eggo’s, 6 packs of mini microwavable sausage sandwiches sans soggy tasteless buns, 7 Danish pastries, 9 mini muffins, 2 Belgian waffles with peanut butter and syrup, 1 bagel, 2 gallons of OJ, and a partridge and a pear tree.

RailwayAfter a brief spell of sugar sweats we made our way to the UGA campus for a quick tour.  Along the way we came across Fantasy World (above).  Must be a popular place because the store sign across the street read “Look left, Fantasy World is open.”  Apparently they also offer free daily tours of the facility!  If you ever need to kill a few hours in Athens look no further!

Strolling through campus to the sounds of dance remixes coming from the student center, we enjoyed views of the football stadium and surrounding architecture.  Making our way out of campus we found the remains of an old railway bridge that made for a perfect picture (left).

Once outside of town we picked up the pace while making our way to Watson Mill Bridge State Park.  Home to the longest covered bridge in the state at 229 feet, the park made for a nice break point.  watsonIt was difficult to pull ourselves away from the soothing waterfall sounds.  A solid picture (right) and bathroom stop I continued on as Brendan ventured back for the car.

Gingerly crossing the bridge as to prevent a 100 year old splinter flat, I continued on to our final destination of Due West, SC, a total of 76 miles away.  This was the view of the border crossing into SC (below).  Not to shabby!

GASC border

After taking in the surrounding beauty I felt a Rumble in the Bronx scenario occurring in my stomach.  The morning feast has come back to haunt!  Deciding to make a pit stop on the other side of the bridge, I came across this mess (beware this is graphic!).  Could someone please explain to me the physics behind the projectile force needed to produce that?!  I had two choices…..1) venture one step further into the awaiting pit of doom or 2) just go outside!  I choose the latter, don’t want to take away any enjoyment from the next lucky individual who stumbles upon this disaster.

Continuing on we made it to the Subway in Due West and quickly realized the morning feast energy was fully depleted.  In search for a place to setup camp, we figured it wouldn’t hurt to try the police department parking lot.  Not only did Captain Marchbanks let us crash in the back corner, he also kept an eye on our bikes during the evening shift!  Many thanks again to the Due West police department for your understanding and willingness to help!  Much appreciated!

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