Freeze thaw systems in check

Pier RabonDay 35:  After a dry night in the back of the Impreza, we awoke to another brisk 25 degree morning.  As we were enjoying the new found pop tart honey peanut butter breakfast, an unmarked vehicle pulled into the parking lot.  We were expecting a slew of questions from an unaware morning shift officer.  Instead we heard a voice yell out “you must be the cyclists in town!”  The voice was coming from the police department chief!  Not only was Chief Maxwell very supportive of the venture, he even went out of his way to try and get us a room at the local college!  Parking lot hospitality was a kind enough gesture but they went above and beyond to truly make us feel comfortable.  Before yesterday I never knew Due West existed and now it holds significant value in my memory road map!  Thanks again to both the police department and the respectful people of Due West for making our short stay very enjoyable!

Soon after, we began the 115 mile trek to Kings Mountain, NC.  Less than 10 miles into the journey Brendan made his way back to the car for a thawing session.  A bit unprepared for the elements, his extremities became blocks of ice and the chill began traveling to his core.  Needless to say he was on the hunt for some warmer apparel!

A few miles after parting ways, I came upon Lake Rabon Park for some wonderful morning views.  Enjoy a few (left)!


On my way to Union I stopped for a bite to eat at Dela’s One Stop shop (right).  A bit overwhelmed with the selection I overheard a gentleman order “1 with everything.”  Locals always know best right?  4 loaded chili dogs, 2 bags of peanut M&Ms, and 2 peanut butter snickers later, I was finally satisfied.  Thanks to SteveO and the crew for some quality conversation and showing me the Dela chili dog way!

VultureCruising along the back country roads I came across plenty of roadside debris which once roamed the area on 4 legs.  Needless to say the turkey vultures were now roaming in large numbers!  I was able to get an action shot of one of the beasts (left)!  No wonder the other birds fly away, they grow um big and mean down here, just look at the shadow it casts!

WarmthAs the sun began to fade I weaved my way through more back country roads.  Approaching a random intersection I noticed an individual standing in the middle of the road.  Not a single building in sight, just acres of dense undergrowth surrounded me.  Preparing for some evasive maneuvering I slowly approached to this (right).  Brendan (B) was determined to beat the chilly weather and make the hair on the back of my neck stand at the same time!  Why did he leave the stickers on his sweatshirt?  No, he wasn’t planning on a stinky body cheese Walmart return, just thought it would add some detail to the outfit!  Just imagine what he looked like with a helmet on, then picture seeing him riding a bike down the road.  I bet you would make every attempt to quickly accelerate past!  This may be what you would see after a couple of drinks….scary (below)!

Pumping away B met me for the last 8.5 heading into Kings Mountain.  After some homemade vegetarian chili and a full tune-up I called it a night.Warmth wow


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  1. Sharon /

    Looks like being the shorter of the 2 brothers is finally paying off . . . keeping the extremities closer to the blood pump! Probably glad you didn’t run into the orange robber in the middle of the night . . . although you would be able to see him coming from a mile away. Awesome!

  2. Amy /

    Loving the outfit Brendan! You guys should have tried catching a turkey to bring back to PA for Thanksgiving dinner.

  3. Amy /

    Whoops missed the vulture part…well turkey vultures must taste a bit like turkey right?!

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